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Teacher Training Online

There is a prejudice that exists in the TESOL field against English teachers who are nonnative speakers of English. Some schools refuse to hire these teachers, and some students are not interested in studying with them. It can affect teachers in many ways, including confidence in the classroom. The truth is, nonnative teachers can offer many things to their students that native teachers never can, including personal knowledge of how to become fluent in English when it’s not your first language.


First year teachers may doubt their ability to share that knowledge. They may have grammar questions that were never answered in their classes. They may simply want to run through lesson plans or keep up their conversational skills.


I offer online discussion classes and training to assist and support nonnative teachers in all of these areas. For more information about individual and group classes, please email me or contact me via the contact form.


Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you!