Private Online Classes

  • I teach private and group classes online for individuals as well as businesses.

  • I offer a 20-minute online class free of charge so we can meet each other and you can decide if online learning is right for you.

  • Classes can be purchased individually or as a package.

  • Every class, whether it’s a single 60-minute interview preparation class or a 5-week course, is designed for each student.

  • Previous classes and courses have included:

    • “Survival English” for those immigrating to an English-speaking country

    • English for winemakers

    • English for chefs

    • Job interview preparation

    • TOEFL test preparation 

    • General conversation classes

  • At the end of every class, I send follow-up notes with pronunciation and grammar corrections, a list of new vocabulary words from class, and additional learning materials. 

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