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Class Notes Summary Example



  • obey /o-BAY/ (rhymes with "OK")


  • searching /SIR-ching/


  • /h/ sound:

    • Say words that start with /h/:

      • happy

      • here

      • hair

    • Say these words in sentences, slowly at first, concentrating on the /h/ sound.  Then say them faster.

      • I am happy.

      • I study here.

      • Her hair is curly.

    • Practice saying tongue twisters with the /h/ sound:

      • He has a house here.

      • He happened to have half the hats in his hands.

      • His habit of handling hammers is harmless.


​​New Vocabulary


  • We let them down. = We disappointed them.


  • clueless: not having knowledge about something; unable to understand something (informal)

    • I am clueless about algebra.

    • They were clueless about what to do.


Corrections (What you said is before the arrow; the correction is after the arrow.)




  • Before I was a jeweler.  Actually I am a teacher.         Before I was a jeweler.  Now I am a teacher.




  • He don't understand.          He doesn't understand.


  • I can't visited him yesterday.           I couldn't visit him yesterday.




  •  She's worried with the test.           She's worried about the test. 


Comparatives and Superlatives


  • the most funny          the funniest


  • It was more easy for me.           It was easier for me. 


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