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Creative Writing Classes

We are all born writers.

But too many of us are never told this.

Our pens are snatched at birth, and in their place,

we are given a story that others have written for us.


It describes who we are.

It tells us what is expected of us.

And at times, it details the consequences we will face if we try to take our pens back

and write our own story.


If we are lucky, we are at least taught to be readers.


To teach someone to be a reader involves much more than matching up sounds with symbols.


It means to respond to curiosity with encouragement.


It means to offer entrance into places that might otherwise be locked.


It means to seek out and find the hope that you have lost,

to be inspired by the courage and strength that you do not yet realize you have,

and to feel yourself understood when you see in another’s words

a mirror of your own spirit.


To be a reader means to drink from a well of MAGIC that will never run dry.



To be a writer means to be a MAGICIAN.



It means to collect and arrange words in such a way that they have the



Lack of comprehension becomes understanding.


Empty spaces suddenly bloom  gardens, wild and glistening.  


Pain becomes purpose.


Your voice becomes a hand that others hold.



Writing, above all, is freedom.  


The blank white page is a space where anything is possible.


There is room for everything to be said.


And there are enough pens in the world for each of us to have our own.

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